Wedding Vows Wall Art

I wanted to share a couple pics of some recent projects that I’ve been working on. The first is our wedding vows wall art and the second is a saying that I really liked. Both of them are actually for myself but also to show clients what else I can do.

When my husband and I remarried, we wrote our own vows and didn’t share them with each other until the ceremony.  Since then, I’ve wanted to do something as a keepsake but hadn’t really figured out what until a couple weeks ago.  I decided I wanted to put our vows on a sign to hang in our house. So I started designing on the computer like I always do and finally came up with something I was happy with.  Now that it’s complete, I absolutely love it.  I also love my Silhouette Cameo! This machine is amazing and I love it more than I thought I would.

The second project is another sign but not as complex or detailed as the first. I had the piece of wood before I even knew what I wanted to put on it. I was actually going through my inventory to find pieces for a client’s project when I came across this piece. It was actually already painted. It had a design on it that I stenciled years ago for my grandparents. There were actually two signs so I decided I wanted to do something different with this piece. I sanded the design until it was mostly off then painted it, stained it and painted it again until it was the right color I was looking for.  Looking at different sayings online I came across one I loved and it was perfect. This is especially true considering that this piece used to be my grandparents and we were married on their anniversary.  For this sign, I painted the letters instead of using vinyl like on the vow sign.

I’m so happy I finished them both in time for our anniversary. I’m also excited that this is something new I can offer clients.


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